Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where do you go for help?

When trouble rears its ugly head where do you go for help? Do you try to solve it yourself? Do you seek Your spouse? Do you bolt to your friends and family? Man, I would try everything from jedi mind tricks to council from Dr. Phil. Yet, I would not seek our Heavenly Father first. I would pray for help but usually after "better" options were exhausted. The primary strategy of the enemy is to deceive and nothing satisfies him more than watching us wander aimlessly in search of resolution. The enemy does a spectacular job in convincing us to go everywhere but to the Lord first. The enemy knows that as long as we are not wholly trusting Christ as Lord over our lives, the advantage is his. I am convinced most of us won't go to Jesus first because we don't really believe He will come through for us. We can't wrap our arms around the fact that He will show up and act on our behalf. In John 11 :1-6, we find Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Mary was the one who anointed Jesus with expensive oil and wiped his feet with her hair. They were from Bethany. Lazarus fell ill and died. The sisters sent word to Jesus that "He whom you love is sick". Mary and Martha went to Jesus first with their problem. The sisters did not bother with every other option under the sun. Mary and Martha went to Jesus first because they expected Him to come through for them. The sisters knew who Jesus was and no doubt saw some of the miracles He performed. They lived with expectant hearts. Someone with a expectant heart is one who calls on the Lord first in times of need. The sisters not only believed in Jesus as the Resurrection and the Life, they also believed Jesus would come through for them. They just did not know how He would do it. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Jesus answered their request and solved their problem in a way they could not imagine. They had no idea He was going to raise their brother after four days in the grave. The point is to rely on the One who can and will answer you. Call on the One who sympathizes with you and will fill your need. I am ashamed that I did not learn this truth sooner. I praise God that I do not have to live like that anymore. I can go to Him first and know that He will answer me. He will never forsake me or leave me. He is always there. I want to encourage you to seek Christ first not only when trouble comes but in everything that happens. I want to encourage you to patiently wait for His answer. He is never early or late with His response. He is always right on time. He always knows what's best for us. Thank you Lord, for taking the pressure off me and showing me through you word how to rely on you wholly.

God Bless you all....
Until next time.....

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