Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Getting back in the swing of doing the reps...

Greetings everyone.. I hope and trust everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Years. We most definitely had a wonderful time. I cannot believe its been (3) years since I launched this blog. Man time sure does fly.. Alot has occurred in that time, some good and some not so good. Regardless I am renewing my commitment to this passion of mine. Now its time to awaken from the holiday stooper, and put down the treats. The simple fact is: the New Year is here.. I have one question to ask you. What are you going to do with the blank slate that lies before you? Are you going to do more of the same? Are you going to continue to bask in the ambiance of mediocrity? Or are you going to really get after it? Last night on the way home from a basketball game my eldest son was disappointed in his performance. As any good Dad would do I listened to him and helped him flesh out his frustrations. Man, I was looking at him and remembering those childhood challenges I faced. I heard my own  Father in my words of encouragement. I felt sadness in my heart for him. I never want my kids to experience any pain or frustration. This is not reality. However, I can walk along side him and be there for him. I can show him how to overcome, teach the necessary skills, and practice until perfect. But the one thing I cannot do is do it for him. He must do the reps. I did the reps and now its his turn. Walking down memory lane got me thinking about where I am and where I am going. I want to change and I will change. Yet as time passes, I have forgotten that I have to do the reps too. I cannot simply wish for change to take place. I have to do the reps to make the change take place. This is my encouragement for you today. If you are contemplating making a change, great.  Figure out what change you want to make and then establish the necessary steps for accomplishment. Then do the reps. If you are unsure what the steps are then seek guidance. Once you have the plan in place take the necessary actions everyday to complete. If you find yourself struggling to get it done daily then find an accountability partner. This partner needs to be the kind of person whom will hold your feet to the fire. Don't settle for mediocrity. Don't settle for more of the same. In the immortal words of Rocky Balboa, "Go for it". Either way do the reps. You will be glad you did.

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  1. Great post, Alan. Thanks for the encouragement. You getting back to writing your blog has encouraged me to get my own blog going. I have a lot to say. God bless you!